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The one platform to resolve your specific industry problems by domain experts. Know more...

Industry 4.0 and Application Development

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Have an idea? We provide design, development, implementation solutions as your technology partners. Now you can focus on your core business and your digital presence evolves at par. Know more...

SAP® Consulting and Allied Services

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With 100+ years experience of our experts put together, successful implementation of multimillion dollar projects have been delivered in time with high quality and utilizing technological capabilities. Know more...

Our Products


BeaverZ range of product series focuses on solving problems of the engineering, assembly and fabrication industry. Why Beaver? Beaver is a rodent species are known as the engineers of natural world.

BeaverZ work as a keystone species in their ecosystem. Without its keystone species, the ecosystem would be dramatically different or cease to exist altogether.

Like a beaver, BeaverZ product series aims to be the keystone species of the Engineering industry and bring positive technological impact to its ecosystem. Beaverz range of products introduces research and innovation centric product development activities.

One of the first product under the Beaver series is GCO - Guillotine cut optimizer- Stay tuned to know more..


Having vast experience in the Supply chain domain, our research experts are working towards solving the perpetual problems faced by the supply chain industry globally.

Very first of our product in the DO-SCP solutions is the procurement planning and forecasting tool. While we work towards completing the development of the final product, do contact us for a free demonstration of the prototype. This will give a gist of our core concept and solution.

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